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Great prizes and a spectacular roulette bonus in Power Spin, Zitro’s latest game

Power Spin is the new game Zitro launched onto the market in May, and in its first days of existence it has received nothing but good reviews. In this title, the world’s leading video bingo games company has combined some of the most successful features of its games, such as great playability, the themes and the design of one of its star products, the Powermania Bonus game.

A new feature included in Power Spin is a spectacular Bonus Roulette. This is a bonus prize reminiscent of the successful Zitro game Spin Bingo, which depends on the skill of the person spinning the roulette wheel to obtain more and better prizes. The player activates the wheel and leaves the choice of prize to chance; the more bets placed, the bigger the prizes!

This Bonus mode was introduced by Zitro in its Spin Bingo game, making it a pioneer once again by introducing elements in its games which allow interactivity between the player and the game, offering a unique entertainment experience. Details like this are what set Zitro apart and make it the game player’s favourite in the markets where it is present.

This strategy of combining highly successful products is Zitro’s way of rewarding its customers’ loyalty, in a constant attempt to offer new products and versions adapted to their tastes.

Click to view the new game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLP58ZvoTgI