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GambleAware Encourages Bettors to Think Twice in Latest Bet Regret Activity


London, 16th August 2019: On Saturday, GambleAware will launch the second wave of activity for the largest national Safer Gambling campaign: Bet Regret. The campaign continues to dramatize the feeling of Bet Regret, and is now accompanied by the line ‘Think Twice or You’ll Bet Regret it,’ a simple piece of advice to prompt people to pause and reconsider.

Targeted at an audience estimated at 2.4m young men aged 16-34 who gamble regularly on sport, and of which 87% regularly watch football[1], the ‘Bet Regret’ campaign was launched in February. The campaign is centred around raising awareness of three risky behaviours – betting whilst bored, drunk or chasing losses. 63% of this target audience believe that there are too many opportunities to bet nowadays[2], whist around 2 million adults suffer some level of harm related to gambling, including 340,000 that are problem gamblers.

The first wave of activity in the second half of the 2018/19 football season had a 61% rate of recognition amongst the campaign audience (16-34 year old men who bet twice a week), rising in those who exhibit more risky behaviours[3]. See a summary of the first phase here.

The second phase of activity is supported by a sponsorship donation from GVC Holdings, notably including space for all 42 clubs in the Scottish Football League, Sunderland, West Bromwich Albion, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United. The Bet Regret logo will feature on all of these clubs’ key collateral.

GambleAware is exploring other partnerships to support the campaign in the 2019/20 season.

Marc Etches, CEO of GambleAware said: ‘The Bet Regret campaign is really starting to gain momentum, and seems, at this early stage, to be resonating with our audience. This season, we look to build on that, drive more conversations around Safer Gambling, and help people Think Twice to steer clear of Bet Regret.”


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