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FADJA Colombia 2015



The 2015 edition of FADJA in Bogota has been another huge success for Alfastreet, confirming the progress the brand has been showing on the South American markets. Despite a slight arrest in the operator’s investments into new equipment due to the sharp rise of the dollar, the company has further established itself as a reference point in the field of ETG's and will soon secure the leading position on the Colombian market.

All the visitors have appreciated the 2015 editions of the most popular Roulette machines, especially the flagship R8 model, which is complemented by the R4, R5 and R6 (from 4 to 6 stations respectively), providing the high-tech, reliable and elegant solution for any casino floor. For the first time in Colombia, a Hi-Jack machine was showcased, a 5-station Black Jack or Baccarat machine that can be operated by dealer or completely automatic. Based on the feedback from the people that had the chance to try it and the interest from the operators, this just might be a machine that the Colombian market was waiting for.

The machine that caused the most excitement however, was the 2015 Alfastreet slot machine, featuring the virtual Roulette game, providing the perfect solution for all the gaming venues that don't have the possibility to put either of the ETG Roulette solution. The Alfastreet slot machine is the company's first venture outside of the ETG area and represents the major evolution in the company’s 20 year tradition. The reactions from the general public and the experts have been great, confirming that the development path for the company goes into the right direction.

The South American markets are currently the ones with the highest growth in gaming industry and it is very important for Alfastreet to retain the top position, therefore we'll keep a very close cooperation with our distributors and partners, to provide the customers and players with top quality, custom tailored products.