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Dante's Trilogy is the newest series of themed Slot Machines from World Match that takes inspiration from the most popular journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Dante will help the players finding their way out through the bowels of Hell and climbing the mountain of Purgatory to reach Paradise, where only the purest souls can enter.

The 5x3 Reel layout in native HD graphics with 16:9 aspect ratio, together with 3D animations of these unique Multi-line Slots deliver the players the funniest game experience.

Dante’s Hell, Dante’s Purgatory and Dante’s Paradise boast the funniest and most innovative features, such as: Wild Multiplier, Scatter Winnings, Surprise Symbol and Magic Wild.

On the top of all these features, Dante’s Trilogy Slots brag an involving Bonus Game with stunning graphics.

A soul appears before Dante: where will the evanescent figure drag him?

Down to the flames of Hell, through the forest of Purgatory, or will Dante reach the celestial atmospheres of Heaven? The higher Dante will arrive, the richer will be the winnings!

To watch a free demo of these games visit: www.worldmatch.eu/DantesHell, www.worldmatch.eu/DantesPurgatory, www.worldmatch.eu/DantesParadise

Controls Toolbar with keyboard shortcuts makes these Slots very user-friendly, while the AutoplayFast PlaySpin Stop features speed up the game to the next level of excitement.

This charming Multi-Line Slot comes in several versions with different payout levels in order to satisfy all kind of players and the operators' strategic objectives.

Dante’s Trilogy slots allow the player to share the best moments of the game thanks to the connection with the most popular Social Networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn).

If you would like to add these slots to your games’ bouquet do not hesitate to contact World Match’s Sales Department via e-mail, info@worldmatch.eu, or phone at +356 3550 5808.

Watch Dante’s Trilogy demos: www.worldmatch.eu/DantesHell, www.worldmatch.eu/DantesPurgatory, www.worldmatch.eu/DantesParadise

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