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AGA Members’ Commitment to Responsible Marketing


Last week, on the first anniversary of the Supreme Court reversal of PASPA, the American Gaming Association released the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering, an industry-developed self-regulation model on advertising. I want to thank you for your valued contributions to its development, and your continued commitment to responsibility in gaming by joining us in this venture.
While new in effect, this self-regulation builds on AGA members’ longstanding commitment to responsibility. It’s an extension of what you are already doing on a corporate level, and commitments we’ve collaboratively supported through the Responsible Gaming Code of Conduct. The Code is proactive, and as The Washington Post reported, “an attempt by the budding sports-gambling industry to get ahead of any possible complications.” Just as we were forward-looking in planning for PASPA’s repeal, we are now committed to leading the way in establishing responsible practices for a new and unique era of legal sports betting.
With legal sports betting continuing to expand to new jurisdictions across the country, the marketing Code is a foundational step of what we expect to be an iterative process that extends responsibility for sports betting activity to every stakeholder involved. As Reuters reported, “The new U.S. sports betting market is a huge opportunity for media companies, leagues and teams to cash in on sportsbook operators’ need to reach bettors through advertising and marketing.”
Our industry has led by example on responsibility endeavors for decades, and our collective activity since last May is no exception. The reaction to this new Code is proof that your commitment to leading the charge on responsibility in gaming hasn’t gone unnoticed.   
As always, the AGA is here as a resource. Please feel free to reach out to me or Casey Clark, our VP of Strategic Communications, with any questions.

Sara Slane
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs