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A helping hand

Global Gaming Women aids those seeking to move up in the casino realm. By David McKee

Founded in 2015, Global Gaming Women (GGW) provides mentorship for ladies seeking to advance their careers in fields within—or directly related to—the gaming industry. It aims to provide a broad range of peer-topeer relationships and forge ongoing connections. One of those who has benefited from its parenting is Nicole Fields, SiGMA Vice President for Growth & Strategy who shared some of her experiences with Casino Life. We started with the obvious query …

Why Global Gaming Women?

The most successful women know how valuable relationships are and they usually have built a strong network of people around them. It can be hard or intimidating for women to make connections, especially with someone more senior than them or someone they’ve always aspired to emulate. Global Gaming Women helps break down those barriers for women and brings together women at all job levels to network and meet one another all year-round. They offer networking events and educational opportunities that help women create a close inner circle of peers and advisors that can help them advance in their careers. Networking is such a huge part of the business and GGW brings together women from all segments of the gaming industry worldwide and give them opportunities to build new relationships and find new opportunities that they simply wouldn’t have otherwise.
How wide-reaching is GGW?
Global Gaming Women has a global reach and we are growing every day. The challenges women face in the gaming industry are not unique to one geographic region, so we formed GGW to be an inclusive resource for women from all strata and all geographies to learn from each other and grow with each other.
What resources do you provide to empower members?
There are many resources for our members that fall into four general categories: education, training, mentoring and events. However, they have one common goal – to connect women of different experience levels and different backgrounds to create
a comfortable mentoring-and-learning atmosphere.
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