NRM Group adopt CHIPS as charity partner

NRM, the UK’s leading independently owned gaming technology and software solutions provider, together with sister company, Connected Entertainment, will be part of the gaming industry’s drive to fund the purchase of powered wheelchairs for children with severe mobility issues. Chairman Paul Whitbread and Managing Director, Andrew Ludlow have confirmed that NRM has adopted the CHIPS charity with the team putting its creativity and collective effort behind the campaign to purchase powered, bespoke chairs which can cost up to £6,500.
Paul Whitbread said: “CHIPS is a unique charity which was formed by the gaming industry and which encapsulates many of its stand-out characteristics.  We have been great admirers of the fantastic work that it continues to undertake, bringing mobility to many hundreds of children and their families for whom the NHS is unable to assist. This will be very much a team effort on behalf of NRM and Connected Entertainment and we look forward to implementing a raft of creative fundraising initiatives and of course to the time when we make the first presentation of an NRM/Connected Entertainment funded CHIPS chair."
Linda Lindsay, co-founder of CHIPS, said: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome the team at NRM and Connected Entertainment to the CHIPS extended family of supporters. Since our formation in summer 2001 we have raised over £2m thanks to the wonderful generosity of our corporate supporters and their customers, the vast majority of whom are active in the UK gaming industry. Despite all of the presentations that I have made over the years, it never fails to move me when I witness the life-changing impact that one of our powered wheelchairs has, not only on the individual recipient but on the family unit as a whole, comprising parents, carers, grandparents and siblings. The sad reality is that the demand for powered wheelchairs will always exceed our ability to supply them but with the help of new supporters such as NRM and Connected Entertainment CHIPS can help to close that gap.
“Thanks once again to Paul, Andrew, Tony and the teams at NRM and Connected Entertainment for choosing to support CHIPS and for helping to give more children the precious gift of mobility."

Image: Paul Whitbread Chairman NRM