Gambling firms back ban on betting adverts during live TV sport

By Martha Kelner, sports correspondent Sky  News

Betting adverts during live sporting events are set to become largely a thing of the past with the industry poised to approve a voluntary ban.

Britain's biggest gambling companies, including William Hill, Betfred and Paddy Power, have prospectively agreed to stop advertising on a "whistle-to-whistle" basis. It would mean any live broadcast which begins before the watershed will not contain betting adverts.

The move comes amid fears advertising during live sport is fuelling an explosion in underage gambling addicts.

The proposals, which have been put forward by the Remote Gambling Association, are yet to be fully agreed.

Sources at two of the betting companies concerned told Sky News they were having legal meetings about the prospective changes on Thursday.

It is expected they will be rubber stamped next week following a meeting of the five major gambling industry associations.

Sky News